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Persons with Outstanding Warrants

If you find your name here, contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at 402-729-2284 to see what you need to do to take care of the warrant. If you have any information about the people listed here, you may contact the Sheriff’s Office at 402-729-2284, or you may e-mail us at this address: jcso@diodecom.net.

Barnett,Kasey R  07/06/1988  JCSO  DUS before reinstated (FTP Fine/Costs) 
Barnett,Kasey R  07/06/1988  JCSO  No Proof of Insurance, DUS/before reinstated (FTP Fine/Costs) 
Brennan,Bradley  02/21/1972  JCSO  FTA Judgment Debtor's Exam 
Brown,Kenneth D  10/01/1985  JCSO  Criminal Mischief (FTP Costs) 
Busby,Dannon C  11/05/1991  JCSO  No Proof of Ins, No Operator's Lic & Unlawful/fict Display of Plates 
Dinkins,David C  01/02/1983  JCSO  Possess/Consume Open Alcohol Container, FTA or Comply w/Citation 
Dinkins,David C  01/02/1983  JCSO  Non-resident violate 30 day Immuni (FTP Fine/Costs) 
Eakins,Amber L  03/02/1990  JCSO  DUI-1st Offense (FTA Violation of Probation Hearing) 
Edwards,Harley M  12/18/1991  JCSO  Issue Bad Check-less than $200 
Floyd, Tyler M  04/11/1986  JCSO  Contempt of Court-FTP Child Supp 
Frederick, Curtis, W  07/08/1948  JCSO  Issue bad check-$500 to $1500 
Garner,Robert M  05/29/1956  FPD  DUS/before reinstated, FTA When on Bail 
Gibson,Heather  10/03/1988  JCSO  Issue Bad Check-less than $200 
Goodman,Charlie E    06/29/1991  FPD  No Operator's License & No proof of Insurance (FTP Fine/Costs) 
Goodwin,Francis S  07/05/1972  JCSO  Issue Bad Check-less than $200 - 2 cts 
Herbert,Jonathon P  08/25/1979  FPD  Domestic Assault-intl cause body injury 
Hillard,Robert S  12/19/1971  JCSO  Contempt of Court - Failed to turn himself into custody to serve sentence 
Holle,Timothy J  06/02/1988  JCSO  Drive Under Susp/before reinstated (FTP Fine/Costs) 
Huffman,Kimberly A  10/30/1989  FPD  Domestic Assault-3rd Degree, Carry Concealed Weap-1st Offense 
Huffman,Leo E III  10/20/1983  JCSO  Attempt of Class 3 Felony (Violation of Probation) 
Ingram,Prentice C  01/25/1986  FPD  Burglary 
Knapp,Angie A  08/15/1979  JCSO  DUS/before reinstated, FTA or Comply w/Citation 
Lambert,John P  01/19/1984  JCSO  Theft-Shoplifting $0-200 
Lambert,Timothy A  05/31/1983  FPD  Assault-3rd Degree 
Malone, Casey L  06/06/1973  JCSO  FTA for Show Cause Hearing 
Markey,Martin W  09/27/1973  JCSO  FTP Child Support 
McBride,Dustin T  12/29/1987  NSP  No Proof of Insurance, DUS/before reinstated (FTP Fine/Costs) 
McClintock,Shelly A  04/06/1962  JCSO  Criminal Non-Support/Violate Court Order 
Michener,Michael E  04/23/1983  JCSO  FTA Judgment Debtor's Exam 
Nabity,Rusty  10/10/1980  JCSO  Issue Bad Check-less than $200 - 3 cts 
Nicholson,Ashley A  10/02/1987  JCSO  FTA Judgment Debtor's Exam 
Peters,Sayge R  01/14/1991  FPD  Theft-Shoplifting $0-200, FTA when on bail 
Post,Debra S  07/14/1960  JCSO  FTA Judgment Debtor's Exam 
Potter,Joshua  05/16/1977  JCSO  Issue Bad Check-less than $100 - 2 cts 
Ragan,Andrew J  07/20/1992  JCSO  Theft-lost property $0-200 
Salazar,Victor C  05/15/1981  FPD  Sexual Assault/forcible-1st degree, Domestic Assault-intl cause body injury/int partner 
Sharp,Donald D Jr  08/03/1961  JCSO  Drive Under Suspension/before reinstated (FTP Fine/Costs) 
Taylor,Anna L  03/03/1967  JCSO  Issue Bad Check-less than $200, Issue Bad Check-$500 to less than $1500 
Ugarte-Lopez,Diego  12/18/1993  JCSO  Forgery-1st Degree, Criminal Possession-Forged Instrument & Identity Fraud-1st Offense 
Warner,Aaronn Y  04/12/1977  FPD  Possess K2 or Marijuana 1 oz or less, Possess or Use Drug Paraphernalia & FTA or Comply w/Citation 
Widelock,Joseph L  10/19/1973  JCSO  Theft-Unlawful Taking over $1500, Burglary 
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