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(Victim Information and Notification Everyday)

VINE (Victim Information & Notification Everyday)

What is VINE?

Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) is a fully automated, information and notification service that immediately notifies registered users upon a change in an offender's status. VINE can relay important custody, court or arrest information in a matter of minutes, anywhere in the US, via

  • telephone

  • pager

  • letter

How does VINE work?
A centralized, national Call Center located in Louisville, KY constantly monitors inmate activity through an interface with the on-site booking system or other existing record-keeping system. Updated inmate records are automatically sent to the VINE Call Center.

Callers dial a toll-free VINE number to check the custody status of an offender and to register with VINE to receive automatic telephone notification upon a change in the custody status of the offender. When a change in inmate status is received, VINE reacts to automatically call all registered persons.


Calls continue for 24 hours or until a successful notification is verified with the registered person's Personal Identification Number (PIN).

The VINE service may also create notification letters for designated victims. Notification letters for victims are printed to a VINE workstation at the customer's site. VINE can also notify registered users via pager, letter or email.

What does the VINE service provide?
Standard information with the VINE service includes inmate custody status and location, sentence expiration date and additional text providing the caller with referral information.

Notifications are placed to registered persons upon the transfer, release, escape or death of an inmate.


VINE can support any language that can be scripted and recorded. Examples include Spanish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese and Russian.

The standard VINE program can easily be expanded to include optional services such as live operator assistance, case and court information and arrest notification.

How To Use VINE                How To Use VINE                  How To Use VINE

If you are concerned about an inmate in jail or prison in Nebraska, call the VINE toll-free hotline, 24 hours a day to hear custody information.  You may also register over the phone to receive automatic telephone notification if the inmate is released, transferred or escapes. 


Simply call, 1-877-NE-4-VINE (1-877-634-8463).

Please have the following information ready:

  • Inmate Name

  • Inmate Number

  • Institution Name

  • Your four-digit PIN (This number will be issued to you when you call, (1-877-634-8463)

NOTE:  DO NOT depend solely on the VINE service for your protection.  If you feel that you may be at risk, take precautions as if the inmate has already been released.

Company History

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, The VINE Company was founded by Mike Davis and Yung Nguyen in 1995 for the purpose of developing and providing automated information services for criminal justice agencies. The company's mission, "Serving criminal justice through automated technology," began with the creation of VINE, Victim Information and Notification Everyday.


After the murder of Mary Byron in Jefferson County, KY, in December of 1993, local officials began searching for a method of notifying crime victims when their attackers were released from jail. They soon found that throughout the United States there was no fast, effective means for providing this type of notification. Based on these findings, Jefferson County set out to create a first-of-its-kind notification service utilizing state-of-the-art computer technology.


The VINE Company was selected to develop the automated component of the service. The result was Victim Information and Notification Everyday. The VINE system, an advanced computer network, integrated the existing inmate database at the Jefferson County jail with a centralized telephone call center.


From this breakthrough in technology, The VINE Company pioneered the Call Center approach to tracking inmate data and notifying victims of violent crimes when their attackers are released from custody. Toll-free VINE hotlines connect victims in communities, large and small, throughout the United States to vital inmate information. The national Call Center serves more than 650 counties across the United States and Canada.


606 3rd Street - Fairbury, NE 68352
Office: 402-729-2284 or 800-775-2126
Fax: 402-729-2904