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Crime Prevention Tips

FIREARMS SAFETY - It is very important for citizens to properly store and secure guns, not only for the safety of other family members or friends, but also because of the possibility of theft and later use in a crime. All weapons should have some sort of locking device, like a trigger lock, or a locker, safe, or other secure location. Keep firearms out of harm's way.

VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE- There are number of things you can do to protect yourself, should you fear an offender:

  • Obtain a Restraining Order or Protection Order against the offender as soon as you can. Ensure that you carry it with you at all times.

  • Keep track of any and all incidents or attempted contact by the offender. You may tape record your description of the incident, or better yet, document it thoroughly by writing it down. This will be essential later on, should a need for separation or other legal proceedings take place.

  • Inform your children (if applicable) of your situation and have a plan of action for them in the event of an emergency.

  • Notify friends and neighbors to be on the look out for you, and request their assistance.

  • Notify the Jefferson County Sheriff s Office, or any other local police agency, if the offender is threatening you.

  • Have a safe place to go, should you need to leave.

You are not alone. There are many people going through the same problems you are. There are many resources available to you in Jefferson County, and counseling is probably the most accessible. Get some help for yourself.


PREVENTING CHILD ABUSE - You must do everything you can to protect your children. You may do everything right to raise and protect your children properly, but there are others who would abuse children. Know whom you are leaving your child with in day care or a babysitter. Educate your children, as soon as they are old enough to understand, not to talk to strangers, and especially, never, ever, approach a stranger s car! If you suspect child abuse is occurring, report it to the, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office at 729-2284 or 800-775-2126. If you see or hear of a child being abducted or contacted by a stranger, immediately dial 9-1-1 and report as much information as you can to the Sheriff's Office or the police.


REDUCING THE RISKS OF BEING A VICTIM OF SEXUAL ASSAULT - As with any crime, you can reduce the risk by being alert to your surroundings. For instance, when entering your car in a darkened parking area, be prepared to get into your car right away. Have the key in your hand and ready before you get to the car. Quickly scan the interior of your car to make sure no one is inside. Many cars come with remote locks and interior lights, which can be activated as you approach your vehicle. If possible, do not walk alone. Many shopping malls and businesses have security personnel who will walk you to your vehicle. Always secure your residence, including all the windows and locking doors. A good alarm system, a dog, or other similar measures are often effective. There is conflicting data over whether resistance during an attack is effective. A recent study showed that women who resisted their attacker (by screaming loudly or through physical resistance) are less likely to be the victims of a completed sexual assault. However, the same group was more likely to receive serious injuries as a result of resisting. The choice to resist must be a personal one, based on your abilities and the factors at the time of the attempt.


AUTOMOBILE THEFT- Auto theft is on the rise all over the country. A car owner needs to make his vehicle as theft-proof as possible. Anti-theft devices are available commercially. However, no endorsement is made of any device. The following is a rough guide to available devices.

  • Car Alarms. There are many systems available. Shop wisely and evaluate the merits of each system. Your system should include an ignition disconnect device, also known as a kill switch.

  • Steering wheel locking-bar device. This prevents the steering wheel from being turned.

  • Electronic tracking devices. Allows the police or a private company to track and recover a stolen vehicle.

  • Steel collar. A steel device, which protects the steering column and keeps a thief from defeating the ignition interlock mechanism.

SAFEGUARDING YOUR HOME - Homeowner and residents should observe several easy tips to better protect their property. Many are often overlooked. Ensure you lock all doors and garages when you leave your residence. A number of people have invested in alarm systems, but fail to activate them when they are not home. You should make your house appear occupied when you are gone. This is the single most common tip given to people on protecting their homes. If you will be gone for more than several days, temporarily stop delivery of the mail and newspapers, or arrange for a neighbor to pick them up for you. Papers piling up in front of a house or mail stuffed in a box is an indication that no one is home. If you will be away for two weeks or more, have your lawn trimmed or other regular maintenance attended to, again for the same reasons. Purchase timers for lights and have them come on in the evening hours. Many timers can be set for varying times on different days. Include a television in the timer set up. Don't forget to call the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office or your local agency to have your home placed on a house check or Vacation Watch. A deputy will periodically stop by your home to check on it. Provide the agency with contact points locally and where you will be, in case you have to be reached.


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