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 Protecting Your Child

FIREARMS SAFETY - Many children are killed each year by weapons that are found and fired, either by accident or intention (without knowing the gun is loaded). The circumstances are always tragic, and can always be avoided. Children and adults may attend formal safety courses, and children can be taught not to touch guns without adult supervision. Children should be taught to immediately leave the area, if they find a gun or see one being played with by someone else. Guns are not toys! Children should immediately notify an adult to the presence of a gun.


EDUCATE YOUR CHILD - Make sure your children know what to do in an emergency. Can they dial 9-1-1 and inform the complaint operator what is happening? Do they know their full names, addresses, telephone numbers, and parents' names? Do your children know what to do, if they become separated from an adult, like in a shopping mall? Do your children know they should never speak to strangers? Do they know they should never get into anyone's car without your permission? Make sure your children know that deputy sheriffs, police officers, and firefighters are their friends and are there to help them.


PREVENT ASSAULT/ABDUCTION - Children should never converse with strangers. They should report to you, a teacher, or a deputy sheriff, if someone tries to approach them, offer them money or gifts, or get them into a car. Your child must know how to get help if needed. Teach children that no one should touch them in any way that makes them feel uncomfortable, and that they have the right to say NO. If this happens, the child should inform you right away. Putting a child's name on a T-shirt or other personal items puts the child on a first name basis with a stranger. This should be avoided. You should know how to quickly obtain items like photographs handy, with update height and weight to report to deputies, if your child is missing. Also know how to obtain dental and medical records. You can have your child fingerprinted or entered in a local child identification program at their school. You should know the route your child takes back and forth from school, and the friends your child walks with to school. If you believe your child is missing, for any reason, immediately notify the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office or your local policy department for assistance.


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